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How Body Wraps Work

How Does the SanoSlim Body Wrap Work?

The SanoSlim Body Wrap is an advanced development that works on shrinking the interstitial* lymphatic fluid, and toxins in the body that cause cellulite and bloating directly below the surface of the skin. The SanoSlim Wrap eliminates toxins and impurities that have built up in the body.  This effectivley diminishes cellulite, as well as smoothes, tightens, and softens the skin.

Sano is the Latin word for healthy. The SanoSlim System is appropriately named for its health and slimming effects. We believe our wrapping system to be the best available and one of the best things a person can do for their body. Utilizing a collection of all natural and very special clay that is rich in Bentonite, and other minerals, the wrap accomplishes an incredible detoxification of the body. The ingredients in our clay come from ancient earth that is over 30 million years old and known as "The Earth That Heals".  When combined with our Infrared Sunlight treatments or warming suit and compression wrapping technique, you or your clients will not only be healthier but will be smaller and have less cellulite!  In fact, the system is so effective for inch loss and detoxification, you will be able to offer a 5 to 25 inch loss guarantee during the clients very first wrap!  Most people continue to lose inches with every wrap and usually do not stop losing for 5 to 15 wraps.

During the body wrap process that extracts and absorbs interstitial fluids* through the pores of your skin, empty pockets between fat cells and tissue are left behind.  Utilizing our compression wrapping technique effectivly squeezes the empty pockets and allows the skin to tighten and shrink.  This results in immediate reduction of body circumference.  The more times you perform a body wrap the faster and longer lasting the results.  You will be amazed at how soft and firm the skin will look and feel after aSanoSlim Body Wrap. You can use the body wraps to combat the swelling on many areas of the body. We recommend a full body wrap each time, however, you can wrap problem areas alone for extra help in those areas.

Individual results may vary.  Like with all Body Wraps, inch loss must be maintained with regular maintenance wraps, healthy living habits, and regular exercise.  We recommend 1 to 3 wraps per week for 5 to 15 Body Wraps depending on the amount of cellulite and swelling present.  Space them 2 to 7 days apart.  Once a series of wraps are completed and inch loss is no longer occurring, begin a maintenence program of one wrap every one to two months.

Disclaimer: Almost anyone should be able to have a wrap, but it is advised that you or your clients consult with a physician prior to having a wrap, especially if you or your client have a medical problem.

*Relating to or situated in the small, narrow spaces between tissues or parts of an organ: interstitial cells; interstitial fluid