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Do Body Wraps Really Work

Do Body Wraps Really Work for Cellulite and Inch Loss?

Body Wraps have been around since the days of Cleopatra and most likely longer. Yes, certain types of body wraps really do cause inch loss and help reduce cellulite. The key is using the right type of Clay and a good compression wrapping technique. The SanoSlim Body Wrap has a very high concentration of Bentonite and other detoxifying minerals which are safe and extremely effective for removing toxins and excess fluid from the skin.  In fact, the SanoSlim Body Wrap is so effective our affiliate Spas are able to offer a 5 to 25 inch loss guarantee to their clients!


" I am so excited about the SanoSlim Treatments. I have lost 20 inches so far in just 2 wraps. My clothes fit so much better and I feel incredible. When I was asked to do a testimonial, I did not hesitate. I think every woman owes it to herself to do this program. I would highly recommend it !" Sally- Rocklin, CA

"I am very glad I found the SanoSlim Program. I have lost 15 inches so far and I feel so much better. My clothes fit better and my cellulite has already improved. I would highly recommend this program to anyone wishing to improve her health and self confidence!" Tia- Rocklin, CA

"I was amazed with the results from my series of wraps. After 10 SanoSlim Body Wraps I lost over 40 inches! I did not change my diet or exercise habits. I am a true believer and now go every 2 months or so for a maintenance wrap." Denise- Auburn, CA

"I am a miss figure body building competitor and I recently competed in a huge Las Vegas show against 37 other women.  My trainer and the judges said that I looked the best I ever have at a competition.  I had 2 SanoSlim Body Wraps just before I left for the show.  I did not think it was possible considering how lean I already was, but I lost over 10 inches.  I contribute how well I did in the show to the SanoSlim Body Wraps.  I leave in 2 weeks for my next show in New York and I plan to make the Wraps a regular part of my show preparation regime."  Natalie- Lincoln, CA